Cyndee Schwab

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Cyndee began work at the firm in January, 2018.  After 5+ years as a client relationship bookkeeper, she moved into the firm administrator role in July, 2023.  Spending her working life in service-oriented finance and accounting positions, she is familiar with the interpersonal relationships clients have with an important element of their financial team as our firm is.  She continues the professional and yet personal feeling that makes our firm unique. 

Graduating from The University of Central Oklahoma with a BA in English & Education, she quickly found her way to the other side of her brain and into banking, finance, accounting, and all things business management & administrative.  She brings an extensive background working with high-net-worth individuals, businesses, estates, foundations, and non-profits.  Managing a large private school before making her way to us, she adds an impressive resume to our firm.